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BDS antagonism toward armed Palestinian resistance

More than half of Palestinians expect a third, armed Intifada to break out, according to a poll.

The aim of boycotting, divesting, and, sanctioning Israel is to provide a very basic level of support for the Palestinian struggle against genocide. However, contrary to what some may believe, this has never been a decisive tactic for ending oppressive arrangements.

It has, at best, been complimentary to armed struggle. However, in the case of the Boycott National Committee, and the Mahmoud Abbas-governed Ramallah, we have a case where it has begun to be viewed as antagonizing to the armed struggle.

In May 2024, in the midst of the Gaza genocide in which over 40,000 Palestinians have been slaughtered, the mini-Abbas regime of the BDS, BNC issued directives from Ramallah for the rest of the movement.

The message was titled as follows: 'Protecting the Palestine Solidarity Movement worldwide from police repression, sabotage, and, agent provocateurs'.

It went on to state that "Palestinian coalitions and networks do not call on any solidarity group or coalition to advocate for, raise slogans for, or otherwise support Palestinian armed resistance".

"We recognize that advocating for armed resistance against the colonial West would likely harm the Palestine Solidarity Movement, especially as it is used by repressive anti-Palestinian authorities and pro-apartheid media as evidence of incitement to violence, hate speech, or, support for banned groups.

"This exacerbates the repression and, inadvertently, facilitates the attempted criminalization of the Palestine Solidarity Movement in all its diverse mobilizations, thereby, alienating allies.

"Furthermore, it will divert attention from the consensus Palestinian demands of the Solidarity Movement stated above," it said.

So here we have, in essence, Omar Barghouti publishing a statement commanding impressionable young people in the West to disavow the divine right of Palestinians to armed resistance against their genocidal occupier.

The names of many prominent Palestinian groups were listed as supporting the document, including some directly involved in armed resistance to the entity.

This led to significant backlash with reports that groups demanded their names be removed.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued a statement pushing back against Barghouti.

The PFLP message read as follows: "The BDS National Committee statement on armed resistance contradicts our people's legitimacy in practicing resistance and ignores consensus.

"The front emphasized that the justifications for the BNC in Ramallah and its calls for silence on armed resistance in Western countries are inaccurate positions and far from reality."

It seems many are waking up to the sinister role played by Barghouti and the BNC in attempts to squash effective responses to Zionist genocide in Palestine.

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