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Thousands protest Rafah massacre in London

Thousands protest Rafah massacre in London. (Photo by AFP)

As the Israeli genocide against the people of Palestine continues unabated, the regime's military forces are waging an increasingly violent killing spree against displaced Gazans seeking refuge in Rafah in the south of the blockaded territory.

In the latest massacre, dozens of men, women and children were murdered in their tents by Israeli occupation forces while they were asleep.

That has sparked renewed outrage at Israel with protests once more engulfing the British capital London.

Protesters gathered outside Downing Street, the seat of power of the UK, to protest the latest Israeli war crime.

For the protesters, the British government is fully culpable in this genocide, providing military, financial, and, political, support to the Zionist regime, a stance that the demonstrators are adamant must be abandoned immediately.

I just can't believe how our country is so complicit in funding this genocide and in denying the terrible suffering of and starvation on purpose of people.

 I've never seen such evil in all my lifetime.

Protester 01

The government should know that we'll always be here, every single day, every single night, for our Palestinian friends and families.

 And that's why we're here. We are not going to give up.

We are not going to ignore this genocide government and we're here to take them down as well.

We're not going to vote on the fourth of July for a conservative.

Protester 02

I'm half Palestinian myself. My dad's from Nazareth, he's Bedouin, but I've always stood against racism, prejudice of any kind, utterly consistent with that, to stand for Palestine, and to support the Palestinian resistance.

Protester 03

This latest Israeli massacre has earned the criticism of even the staunchest allies of the occupying entity.

The EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said he was horrified while French President Emmanuel Macron described it as an outrage. And even pro-Israeli media personality Piers Morgan described it as indefensible and horrific.

Of course, some governments are institutionally Zionist and the likelihood policy change remains slim.

But for others, the tide has turned, and the recent recognition of a Palestinian state by a series of European countries could portend the beginning of a new chapter in the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

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