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Protesters demand Britain stop arming Israel

UK Arms to Israel

Tens of thousands have taken to Britain’s streets in a nationwide day of action for Palestine. Organizers are using the occasion to call on the government to stop arms sales to Israel.

In the British capital London, demonstrators marched to the very heart of government, Parliament Square, within earshot of any minister or MP who was present.

After 190 days of US-Israeli genocide being perpetuated on the Palestinians in Gaza, the message was clear; Britain is complicit in genocide and needed to stop selling arms to Israel.

The guidelines for export of arms are very, very, clear; if there is a risk that arms may be used in breaches of international law, they should not be sold.

At a time when Israel is on trial in the world's highest court for the crime of genocide, it is very difficult to see how David Cameron can make the argument that there is no risk (that) the weapons that the UK is selling are going to be used in breaches of international law.

It needs to stop selling those weapons, at the very least, when Parliament comes back next week, he (David Cameron) needs to be compelled to publish the legal advice that he has received.

Ben Jamal, Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Words fail me to be honest, you know, everyone can see what's happening in Gaza.

Everyone has heard the words of the ICJ; everyone has heard the words from the United Nations, its Secretary General and all its agencies.

It's clear for everyone to see what is happening in Gaza and what the Israeli forces are doing with the weaponry that comes into their hands, including weaponry coming from Britain.

What is our government thinking?

Kate Hudson, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Those who are marching today are unhappy with the British government.

They are unhappy with the British government's wanton disregard of Palestinian lives because they are aware that while they marched today, there could well be components from British armaments being used in weapons that are killing innocent Palestinian men, women and children.

It has become an increasingly dangerous political tightrope that Foreign Secretary David Cameron and his Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, are attempting to walk.

Guidance from lawyers of the British government itself has left the Tories on shaky legal ground.

In an open letter to Downing Street, hundreds of legal experts warn the government that it risks breaking international law by continuing to arm Israel.

Protesters had some choice words for the Prime Minister and his opposite on the Labour benches.

It is long, long, past the point where you should acknowledge that the Israeli state is now a pariah state in the world that it will never recover from the genocide that it has inflicted on the Palestinians.

And it would be a very, very good idea if your government got on the same side as the majority of the British people.

John Rees, Stop the War Coalition

We have got to maintain the pressure on this government to understand that they are isolated, to understand that by selling arms to Israel, they are complicit in genocide, for which they should be brought to justice.

And to ensure that if a new government comes in under Sir Keir Starmer, he will know from day one, that any further military adventure by Britain in support of America will be met by hundreds of thousands out on the streets.

Chris Bambery, Journalist

Localized demos were also held in solidarity with Palestine and the people of Gaza across the UK.

Organizers have pledged to continue the pressure with a series of national marches to follow in the coming weeks.

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