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US support for Israel's crimes of century 'real terrorism': Ansarullah

The spokesperson for Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement, Mohammed Abdulsalam, is seen in the picture.

The spokesperson for Ansarullah resistance movement says US's support for Israel to commit the "crimes of the century" in Gaza represents "real terrorism" that poses a danger to the world and a serious threat to global peace.

Mohammed Abdulsalam, in a post on X platform on Monday said that Yemen's position with its naval operations is to “support the victim in the face of the American and Israeli executioner.”

Abdulsalam, who is also the resistance movement’s chief negotiator, stressed that American terrorism is capable of spreading chaos in the world, but it will not be able to subdue free nations and peoples ready for confrontation and adhering to the will for liberation and independence.

“We call on the world to break the circle of silence and raise its voice in the face of America to stop its bloody and brutal terrorism with its open and blatant support for Israel against a small besieged Strip where destruction and blood are spreading from all sides,” he added.

The remarks came after the US Treasury imposed sanctions on Ansarullah leaders and "Chinese entities" involved in facilitating the purchase and financing of weapons for the resistance group to launch naval attacks.

Yemeni forces have been targeting ships bound for the Israeli occupied ports and others linked to the occupying regime in the Red Sea region since November last year. They later expanded the scope of their operations to the Indian Ocean and said they would also target any ships heading towards the Israeli occupied ports in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to a recent AP report quoting American military commanders and experts, the US Navy has been exhausted after confronting non-stop naval operations by Yemen’s Armed Forces for over seven months, with commanders warning that the situation there is perilously dangerous for them.

The US-led campaign to protect Israeli interests in the Red Sea has escalated into the "most intense" running sea battle the Navy has faced since World War II, the report added.

Yemen’s Ansarullah leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said on Thursday they’ve attacked 145 ships linked to Israel, the US and UK as part of their retaliatory naval operations so far.

The pro-Palestinian operations would continue as long as the Israeli regime keeps up the war and a simultaneous siege that Tel Aviv has been enforcing against Gaza, Yemen's Armed Forces say.

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