Global student fightback

It is the pro-Palestinian movement that pro-Zionists seem incapable of stopping. One by one, encampments at universities from the United States to the United Kingdom, the West Asia, and Australia are popping up. 

On global campuses, students are mobilizing and demanding their universities "divest from genocide" and break ties with any companies that continue to support the mass killings of Palestinians inside Gaza. 

At the behest of university administrators and propped up by their pro-genocide backers, riot police have stormed a number of encampments, including those at Columbia University, City University of New York, and at the University of California in Los Angeles. 

With the figures now running into hundreds arrested - in many cases - violently, global eyes have seen the reinforcement of the idea that freedom of speech is a myth when it comes to speaking out against Western-backed genocide of Palestinians. 

The World Health Organization has warned of "an expected, substantial additional mortality and morbidity posed by a military operation." In other words, a lot of people will die if the Israeli occupation forces go ahead with their planned onslaught of the 1.5 million civilians crammed inside Gaza’s southernmost point. 

Meanwhile, in a small sign of political sands continuing to shift away from Tel Aviv, Ankara has announced it is seizing all trade with Israel over the humanitarian tragedy taking place in Gaza. Despite Israeli bluster, there must be a fear of other countries following suit as trade between Turkey and occupied territories, amounts to some $7 billion annually. 

Across the pond, the political fallout for genocide-supporting politicians and parties continues in the United Kingdom after the Conservatives hemorrhaged support in the local elections with Labour losing ground to smaller parties with Gaza as a central pillar for voters.

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