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Interview with Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

Interview with Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, Cuban-born American lawyer and writer, active in the field of human rights and international law.

1. From strictly legal sense, which international laws would you say have been violated in Gaza since October and how would you define these crimes?

2. Based on what you said and the various rulings cited, Israel is an occupation force and the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves and fight their occupiers, but the reality seems to be something else.

3. You've researched about the rights of minorities around the world, is there anything comparable to the Palestinian case in your perspective? In your previous books, you've explained that genocides generally occurred with the knowledge of a small number of people. Do you see an analogy with Palestine today given the comparative silence of Western politicians and media bias?

4. But the Israeli regime itself has no qualms about publicly commenting about their genocide. Whether it is saying we going to wipe them out or Amalek. You talked about the Nazis and trying to hide what they have done, but the Israelis do not. Your thoughts?

5. Many lawyers and activists say that the International Criminal Court is indifferent to solving the case of crimes in Palestinian. What is the reason for the delay and do you think the Israeli lobby plays a role in this?

6. South Africa recently filed a case against Israel in the International Court of Justice. We have seen strong arguments supporting the Palestine cause and claiming what is happening is genocide. What do you think the result of this court will be? Will it carry any legal weight or what effect can it have? Already by way of perception this is a watershed 39:03 it is genocide

7. You mentioned that when you were part of the Human Rights Council that it was very different than it is today. I want to know what changed and are you hopeful of the future of international law?

8. Can you expand on how that plays out when you say they impose western perspective on everything?

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