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Zionist infiltrators on streets of London seek to sabotage pro-Palestine demos

By David Miller

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Zionists are losing the war of public opinion badly. They cannot even fully depend on their tame British assets in the British Zionist movement whose pathetic sparsely attended pro-genocide counter-demonstrations have flopped.

So, they have now decided to pick it up a notch by sending infiltrators to try and provoke the British public and to cause violence which they can then attribute to “anti-Semitism”.

Who are these infiltrators sent by the Zionist regime to stir up trouble in the UK? 

First is Emily Schrader, a notorious Zionist agent and rabble-rouser who has often appeared in London screaming abuse at opponents of the Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip. 

Schrader is an American who became a settler-colonist in Palestine in 2015. She attended #Digitell18 and #Digitell19 conferences put on by the anti-BDS ministry of strategic affairs.

Schrader has admitted to having “worked with” and “advised” the intelligence linked to the ministry.

At the time of both conferences, she was the “digital director’ for StandWithUs, a group that is effectively a cutout for the Israeli foreign ministry.

Danny Ayalon, Israeli deputy foreign minister, in 2011 admitted that it used the notorious groups as one of the ministry’s 'key US assets'.

Since 2020, Schrader has been affiliated with another front group for the Zionist regime, the so-called Tel Aviv Institute.

Alumni of the Digitell network pop up everywhere including the creation of a US-based Combat Antisemitism Movement and a celebrity troll farm called the "Tel Aviv" Institute that works closely with it.

The movement was co-founded by the former Israeli spy and Director General of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs SimaVaknin-Gil, which claims 650 members in its supporters' network. Among those at the Institute include Hen Mazzig and Emily Schrader, both Digitell network alumni.

Schrader is presented in the Israeli press these days as one half of a “Hasbara power couple” along with her “fiancé” Yoseph Haddad.

Haddad is a Palestinian collaborator with the Zionist regime. He helped the settler entity in its invasion of Lebanon in 2006, where he was part of the Golani Brigade of the occupation forces and reportedly suffered multiple injuries. 

In recent years, he has been integrated into the global Zionist troll network.

Arriving in London on March 21, he has engaged in a series of provocations, including vandalizing several pro-Palestine murals, including one featuring an Al-Jazeera journalist as a ‘Hero of Palestine’. 

On Saturday, March 23, he joined Schrader in a tiny counter-demonstration aimed at provoking the thousands and thousands of pro-Palestine protestors marching that day.

Haddad shouted at them: “Terror supporters, each and every one of you!” and Schrader denounced “rape apologists”.

The Zionists evidently hoped to provoke a reaction from British supporters of Palestine so they could complain about supposed “antisemitism”. But the truth is that they have massively overplayed their hand, devaluing the currency so that it seems like #EverythingIsAntisemitism.

When Time Magazine reports on “How Israel and Its Allies Lost Global Credibility”, when even Donald Trump admits that Israel is “absolutely losing the PR war”, then it is no surprise that the Zionist troll network is on the back foot and needs to draft in allies to boost its embarrassing presence on the street.

At their attempted provocation in London on March 23, the Zionist trolls had a turnout of perhaps 50 people. A bizarre foreign-funded network was behind one of the groups in the sparsely populated protest.

This was a new campaign group called ‘Our Fight UK’ whose placards and banners can be seen at the tiny provocation. The group appears to have emerged from the so-called ‘October Declaration’ condemning the Palestinian resistance.

This was hosted on the website of a new group called ‘British Friends of Israel Limited’ which registered as a company on November 24, 2023, and has Toby Young of the Free Speech Union and Allison Pearson the journalist as directors.

The lead spokesperson for Our Fight is Mark Birbeck, who has a more than three-decade history with a tiny left-wing group, the Revolutionary Communist Party, which became very right-wing. He was the national organiser for one of its front groups Workers Against Racism in the 1990s. 

Like many of those involved, Birbeck appeared in public as Mark Butler. The group is often referred to as the “LM Network” after the magazine Living Marxism, which contracted its name to LM when the group abandoned Marxism.

In the process of moving right, those involved accepted large amounts of cash from the US-based Koch Brothers as well as other corporate behemoths, including Rupert Murdoch.

Alumni of the network are all the way through these new groups.  For example, as well as Birbeck running Our Fight, Jan Macvarish is a director of the British Friends of Israel

Macvarish was 'press officer' for LM in 1997 and was connected to the myriad of groups spun out of the network including  Spiked (for which she wrote) Debating Matters the Institute of Ideas, the Battle of Ideas and WORLDbytes.

The pair are (or were), like so many other couples in the cultish network, married to each other.

Many of the key public figures from the network signed the declaration including:

Baroness (Claire) Fox of Buckley, author, and director Academy of Ideas

Professor Frank Furedi, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Kent.

Professor Dennis Hayes, University of Derby

Brendan O’Neill, Chief Political Writer at Spiked

Ed West, writer, Substack

Joanna Williams, author, Director of Cieo

Dr Norman Lewis, writer and visiting research fellow, MCC Brussels

Austin Williams, Director, Future Cities Project

James Heartfield, historian and author

The most high-profile of them is Claire Fox, who is a former MEP and now a member of the House of Lords. Previously, a revolutionary socialist opposed to the Zionist entity, Fox used the pseudonym Claire Foster.

This pseudo-radical has now become Baroness (Claire) Fox of Buckley, and a Zionist partisan.

Fox was a leading member of the Revolutionary Communist Party back in the 1980s and 90s.  In 1988, it created the magazine Living Marxism. It gave lip service to supporting the Palestinians, only publishing six articles with ‘Israel’ or ‘Palestine’ in the title in twelve years of existence.

Prior to that, the party never produced a single pamphlet or an article in its ‘theoretical journal Confrontation on Palestine, Israel, or Zionism.

More than half of the articles (4 out of 6) in Living Marxism were by ‘Daniel Nassim’. He approved of ‘Palestinian liberation’ and wrote that ‘Zionism … will stop at nothing to secure its survival.’

Daniel Nassim was a pseudonym. In reality, the author was called Daniel Ben-Ami.  Has he, like so many of his former comrades changed his views on Palestine?  Why, yes, he has. 

Here he is being a good little Zionist asset in London on April 5, standing ‘For Israel.’

David Miller is the producer and co-host of Press TV’s weekly Palestine Declassified show. He was sacked from Bristol University in October 2021 over his Palestine advocacy. 

(The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Press TV)

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