Israeli genocide in Gaza funded by US: Anti-war leader in Chicago

The Israeli genocide against Palestinians in Gaza is funded by the United States according to Joe Iosbaker, an American political analyst and a leader of the Anti-War Committee – Chicago.

“The US government leads the world in many things, among them military spending, wars and interventions. It is well-known that the Israeli genocide in Gaza is being funded by the United States, and that the bombs and missiles are provided by the United States,” Iosbaker said in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Tuesday.Isra

“And show me a country that has a worse record of human rights violations against its own population. It’s a disgrace how the government treats the immigrants from Latin America, and now the Palestinians,” he stated.

“We know you don’t judge a person by what they think of themselves. To quote the great Black revolutionary, Malcolm X:  ‘I speak as a victim of America's so-called democracy. You and I have never seen democracy, all we've seen is hypocrisy.’”

The activist said that across the “United States, millions of people have marched in the streets condemning ‘Genocide Joe’ Biden.”

“In the International Court of Justice, the peoples of Asia, the Pacific Islands, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Russia – representing over 80% of the world have condemned Israel,” he said.

“August 19 - 22, the Democratic National Convention will be held in Chicago. Chicago is home to the largest Palestinian community in the United States. Tens of thousands from Chicago and across the country will come out to march against the Democratic National Committee (DNC.),” he revealed.

“The protesters in Chicago in 1968, marching on the Democratic Convention at the height of the Vietnam War, said, ‘The whole world is watching!’ This summer again, the eyes of the world will be on Chicago! he said.

A group of US senators has urged President Joe Biden to stop arming Israel, citing the regime's efforts to block humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

An independent and seven Democratic senators sent a letter to Biden last week, noting that the administration had been in violation of a part of a law that bars military aid from going to any country that blocks humanitarian aid.

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders and seven Democrats said in the letter that Benjamin Netanyahu's interference with humanitarian operations has prevented US aid from reaching its intended recipients in a safe and timely manner.

The group said they wanted Biden to stop supplying weaponry to the Israeli regime that "interferes with US humanitarian assistance."

The group said Netanyahu's interference in US humanitarian operations violates the Humanitarian Aid Corridor Act.

‘Entire world is rallying in support of Palestine’

“It’s good to see that Biden is feeling the heat from more of his party, but those same senators are complicit with the genocide carried out in Gaza,” said Iosbaker.

“They are speaking up now because of the millions of people in this country who are protesting the bloodshed and now starvation of the Palestinians,” he said.

“The US government under George W. Bush killed over 1 million Iraqis in the war launched in 2003; the sanction war under Bill Clinton killed 500,000 children in the 1990s,” the analyst said.

“US imperialism is facing a crisis deeper and more profound than that which George W. Bush faced 20 years ago. The entire world is rallying in support of Palestine in this crisis,” he said.

“When a people decide they will no longer live under occupation; that they would rather die than accept another day of tyranny; that’s when freedom is at hand,” the antiwar activist said.

“The US killed 3 million Vietnamese, but couldn’t prevent them their liberation. The French killed 2 million Algerians, but the Front for National Liberation couldn’t be turned back,” he said.

“That’s what we’re watching. The Palestinian Resistance will win,” he said.

“But we won’t stop our protests. No one who has a heart can sit by during a genocide.  We have been in the streets since October 8, and we will protest until we stop the US/Israel war on civilians,” said the anti-war leader in Chicago.

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