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Interview with Stanley Cohen

But do you condemn Hamas? This has been mainstream media’s favorite question ever since Hamas’s preemptive strike on occupied Palestinian territories on October 7.

But sadly for them, they are no longer the only media that people get their news from. After some 75 years of the ongoing genocide in Palestine, the journalists on the ground were finally able to get their voice across to people all over the world and inform them of the bombings that have killed more than 18,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children. And that is when October 7 could no longer justify the ongoing genocide even in the minds of former supporters of the Israeli regime.

Many have already realized that mainstream media blamed Hamas to buy time for the Zionist regime to murder as many Palestinians and occupy as much of their land as possible. But the question remains from a legal perspective; who is responsible for the thousands of lives lost especially since October 7. This is the discussion that we will have today with lawyer, doctor of jurisprudence, and human rights activist, Stanley Cohen.

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