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Gaza, world’s largest concentration camp, Pakistani analyst says

The photo shows injured Palestinians after Israeli airstrikes on Gaza at the Indonesian Hospital, November 16, 2023. (Via Reuters)

Pakistani journalist and commentator Orya Maqbool Jan have given an interview to Press TV on the situation in the besieged Gaza Strip, which he describes as the most significant concentration camp in recorded history.

Maqbool Jan said the Israeli regime has created conditions worse than a jail across the besieged Palestinian territory.

He said the Palestinians in Gaza have been trapped in what was “normally described as an open-air prison” but it has really been designed to incarcerate civilians and should be called “the world’s largest concentration camp.”

“Since the dawn of history, even during the First World War and the Second World War, we have never had such a concentration camp. In jail, you are at least provided with basic needs, medical assistance and facilities. But Gaza at the moment is an international concentration camp and right now a genocide is going on there.”

The analyst drew an analogy between Israel’s behavior and “the tradition of pharaohs” of Ancient Egypt.

Gaza health officials say Israeli bulldozers and tanks have destroyed parts of the southern entrance to the Shifa medical complex in Gaza City. The regime’s military has also confirmed its raid into the facility. The Pakistani commentator also denounced the Israeli raid into Shifa medical complex.

The analyst said recent massive demonstrations organized in support of Palestinians across the United States and Europe shows the public masses still support the Palestinian cause, Western leaders’ unconditional support for the Israeli regime notwithstanding.

“The people of the world support Palestine. People are on the street, they say Israel should not commit war crimes and genocide.”

The Pakistani commentator said if Israel was not stopped in Gaza, it could even expand its aggression toward those Arab countries which have signed Abraham accords to normalize relations with the regime.

The analyst described as “weak and shameful” the stance taken by most of the Muslim and Arab rulers on the Israeli war on Gaza.

Some Muslim and Arab rulers, he said, are “pro-Westerners under the umbrella of American hegemony; they depend on Western economy.”

On Day 41 of Israel’s onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip, hospitals remain the focal point of the regime’s deadly raids. Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital is surrounded by Israeli tanks and bulldozers. No one is allowed to leave the medical complex. 

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