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Yemen stands with Palestine as it knows how oppression feels: Yemeni official

By Ali Ghorban Bagheri

Yemen’s recent military operations against the Israeli regime in response to its genocidal campaign in Gaza are rooted in the fact that the Yemeni people have experienced oppression and occupation, says a Yemeni official.

Abdulelah Mohamed Hajar, an advisor to the head of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, made these remarks in an interview with the Press TV website on Monday.

In recent weeks, Yemen’s armed forces have staged multiple attacks against the Israeli regime in solidarity with the Palestinian people who have been facing indiscriminate bombings since October 7 after the Hamas-led Palestinian resistance launched the 'Al-Aqsa Storm Operation.'

Yemen has vowed more attacks against the illegitimate entity if its war on the besieged territory continues, announcing that it already fired drones and ballistic missiles in three separate operations.

Hajar said the Yemeni people have held massive marches in recent weeks in different parts of the country condemning the Israeli regime’s horrendous war crimes and urging the Yemeni leadership to take action to support the Palestinian people and avenge Israeli atrocities.

This support encouraged the leadership of Yemen to defy the US threats and take action to defend the Palestinian people, he told the Press TV website.

Hajar said the Yemeni people are staunch supporters of Palestine as they have experienced such aggression at the hands of the coalition of the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE for years.

“It has become clear to the people of Yemen that the aggression against Yemen since 2015 has been carried out with the support of Israel and for the interests of this regime," he remarked.

The best proof of that is the UAE joining the aggressors, while it has had no historical or border disputes with Yemen. These countries have ties with Israel and are influenced by its plots.”

Hajar said the Yemeni people know that the Israeli regime is greedy for Muslim lands and continuously plots against them, and hence they believe the Palestinian cause is the central issue of the region.

“We are sure that if the Zionist regime can get out of the quagmire in which it is trapped, the Persian Gulf countries will be the first victims of this usurping regime.”

The official said the aggressive regime has proven to be a major threat during the 75 years of its establishment, usurping the lands of Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians and Egyptians, killing women, children and men, imprisoning youths, and destroying farms, trees and water wells.

Hajar said Yemen’s only options to help Palestinians are its drones and ballistic missiles.

“Yemen's brave and honest position has disgraced the corrupt regimes that did not dare to support Palestine and condemn the Israeli regime,” he asserted.

The regime, he hastened to add, can’t get out of the current quagmire and is doomed.

Hajar vowed that the axis of resistance steadfastly defends the Muslim world in the face of Israeli and US attacks, and it will continue to fight to restore the dignity and honor of the Muslim world.

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