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Elections In Lebanon

Lebanon is preparing to go to the polls on May 15. Many observers believe that this parliamentary election promises to be one of the most significant in the country’s modern history.

In connection with the developments taking place in the regional and international arenas, it is necessary to approach the elections in Lebanon from a perspective different from that found on MSM. It is crucial to look at the context of the Lebanese elections away from the slogans of the candidates, and rather approach the situation from the regional connection of the majority of the candidates.

This indicates that Lebanon will not be able to bypass its elections dilemma and swim away from the regional and international agendas that restrict the Lebanese national option. A few hours after Zionist Israelis stormed of Al-Aqsa Mosque commemorating the so-called "independence" of the occupation, the native Palestinian response came in the Elad, east of Tel Aviv, where two Palestinian resistance fighters carried out a commando operation that killed four Israelis and seriously wounded four others.

A process that demonstrates the effectiveness of the resistance’s reliance on the efforts of AlQuds, the West Bank and the occupied 1948 interior in confronting the occupation’s plan aimed at the full Judaization of Al Aqsa..

This was clearly evident in the Hamas movement’s adoption of the operation, considering it a practical application of what the Gaza factions had warned of that “Al-Aqsa is a red line.” While it seems clear that the resistance does not believe that such an operation will rush the war in the Gaza Strip, since it has been clear in its threats, considering that any response to what is happening in AlQuds should not be "traditional and emotional, but rather in line with the context of the ongoing Palestinian uprising.

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