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London: Protests intensify over "racist" Nationality, Borders Bill

Robert Carter,
Press TV, London

The controversial Nationality and Borders bill is still causing a stir in Britain as the government seeks to grant itself more powers to revoke citizenship without having to inform the person in advance. Critics fear the bill empowers racism and makes minorities vulnerable to state persecution and authoritarianism.

Protests against a highly divisive Bill have intensified in London as debates rage inside Westminster.

The Nationality and Borders Bill has several controversial clauses which minority groups have accused of being racist and turning black and brown Brits into 2nd class citizens.

The fight over this clause is far from over, it remains in the house of Lords who are debating the controversial aspects which remain as part of this wide bill. There is a lot of division over this and if the lords decide they want amendments to it, it will bounce back to parliament.

The bill seeks to provide the Home Office with additional powers to revoke  citizens Nationality status and deny access to refugees flee to Britain.

The government have offered reassurances with Home Secretary Priti Patel claiming the law would be used only in "exceptional circumstances" on people who pose the most risk to the UK. But critics find it hard to trust No.10.

Having been passed by MPs in the House of Commons last December, the Bill is now going through the House of Lords where peers are suggesting amendments. The Bill likely won't become law for the next few months, leaving plenty of time for more protests.

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