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Iranian navy calls on regional states to join hands for 'collective security'

Yusef Jalali

Press TV, Tehran

A safer Persian Gulf requires stronger regional navies; said Rear Admiral, Shahram Irani, the chief commander of the Iranian navy as he was hosting military attaches from different embassies to celebrate the Iranian Navy day.

In recent years, the Iranian navy has displayed a range of homegrown military equipment as a show of power to its adversaries. Back in September, two Iranian-made ships came back from the first ever Atlantic Ocean mission that took them four months of sailing over a distance of 44,000 kilometers.

The journey marked the longest naval mission ever conducted by Iran's navy, something which turned many heads both in Iran and the world. Iranian military boasts its continuous advancement in the defensive power, against the backdrop of the toughest arms embargoes imposed by the US against Iran.

The Iranian Navy day falls on November 28th each year, marking the success of Operation Morvarid, which was launched by the Iranian Navy and Air Force against the Iraqi Air Defence sites in 1980 in response to Iraq's invasion of Iran. The operation resulted in a victory for Iran, which managed to destroy both oil rigs as well as much of the Iraqi Navy and inflicted significant damages on Iraqi ports and airfields.

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