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English edition of Leader’s book ‘Islamic Governance’ set for worldwide release

A file photo of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei

An English edition of a seminal book authored by Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, is slated for worldwide release on Thursday, coinciding with the occasion of Ghadir.

Published by Sydney-based Lantern Publications, which publishes quality works to “reveal the true nature of pure Islam,” the book titled ‘Islamic Governance’ provides a theoretical framework for Islamic governance in the modern era.

In a statement, the publishers said the first of the four-volume set will be released on the day of Ghadir, an important occasion for Muslims, terming it a “unique and one-of-a-kind series” in the English Language.

“The book is a detailed exposition of governance of the divinely-sanctioned social order under conditions of religious solidarity as espoused by Sayyed Ali Khamenei prior to the Islamic Revolution in Iran (in 1979),” the statement said.

It further said that the book series “lays a solid foundation (derived from the Holy Quran and traditions of the Holy Prophet and his holy progeny) of a concrete system of governance for human society.”

The worldwide launch of the book will feature guest talks by Sheikh Dr. Mansour Leghaei, the founder and director of Sydney-based Imam Hussain Islamic Centre, Sayed Muhammad Marandi, a professor at Tehran University’s Faculty of World Studies, and Blake Archer Williams, an American writer and translator, who has translated the book.

The first volume of the book titled ‘First Principles’ begins with an exposition of “theological bases as to why God reserves the ordering of mankind’s affairs exclusively for Himself and proceeds to discuss the institution of prophethood,” said the book release statement.

It provides an “in-depth definition of the Islamic keyword welāyah and of those who are invested with authority (the Oul’ul-Amr).”

The author then proceeds to explain the “meaning and purpose of the imamate and ends with a brief survey of the concept of Islamic messianism (mahdawīya) and the effects of believing in the advent of” Imam Mahdi, the 12th Shia Imam known as the Savior.

“The reader will obtain a solid understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of a system of Islamic governance that is based on principles established in the Holy Quran and authentic Prophetic traditions. While thematically interconnected, each volume stands on its own and can be read as an independent volume,” the statement added.

The first volume, set for release on Thursday, includes an extensive introduction by Williams, an accomplished translator with over 40 titles to his name. A former student of British-American academic and biographer Hamid Algar at the University of California (Berkeley), Williams has established his reputation in recent years as a translator of seminal works of the great scholars of Islam.

The first volume of the book will be available for purchase worldwide on, although preorders will commence a week before the release date, according to publishers.

While readers in the Asia Pacific Region will be able to order the book from, those in the US will can get it from and those in the UK from

Book Title: Islamic Governance - Volume 1: First Principles
Author: Sayyed Ali Khamenei
Translator: Blake Archer Williams
Publisher: Lantern Publications
ISBN: 978-1-922583-12-3
Pages: 258

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