What Press TV Does

Press TV is guided primordially by the natural desire to seek out the truth, together with an educated respect for journalistic standards. To that end, Press TV scours all over the world to bring to attention not just the most important stories but also the most underreported stories in the most professional manner.
Press TV uses a sharp eye and a clear mind to present matter-of-factly the untold news a global audience is deprived of. Along that path, Press TV respects and values all ethnicities and nationalities and the followers of all religions, and presents none as inherently superior to others.

Press TV invests full-heartedly, unsparingly, in efforts to find out the truth. Trying to reach that goal in some of the world’s most volatile conflict zones, Press TV personnel Maya Nasser ,Sayed Farhad TaqaddosiHabubullah Hussain Zada, and Serena Shim made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives to reveal what is withheld from a global audience.And the news network continues to operate full-time in spite of an array of US sanctions and their impacts on the Iranian economy. Press TV has been willing to invest so much with an objective of encouraging intellectuals to cast a critical eye on the beautifully-package but purposefully-slanted news that mainstream media churn out by the hour, to proactively seek the truth, and to spread it to others.

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