What Press TV Airs

Press TV produces by-the-clock news and news programs.

Press TV’s content is produced and evaluated by the following departments:

The Newsroom provides our global audience with up-to-the-minute coverage of major world events, plus topics that often go underreported or even unreported by other international news channels.

The Website is a media platform providing up-to-the-minute content on global developments in the various areas of politics, economics, arts, science, technology, and sports, with a special focus on the most important stories concerning Iran and the rest of the Middle East. Since its initial launch in 2005, in addition to covering underreported news stories across the world, Press TV Website has tried to provide an outlet for countries, people, and political groups that usually cannot get their voice heard on the international level, in line with the overall strategy of the network to be the “voice of the voiceless.”

Despite restrictions, Press TV has also been active publishing its content on diverse social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, round the clock. Nonetheless, Press TV distributes its content on its own IPTV called URMedium.com after it was repeatedly targeted by the act of censorship by the US tech giant Google’s YouTube service.

Produced in studios located in key global news centers, including Tehran and London, Press TV’s original-content Programs provide our viewers with an in-depth and critical look at what’s happening in the world, highlighting issues that often go unreported by mainstream media. Here is a list of Press TV’s most recognizable programs:

Iran Today An analysis of major political, economic, cultural, and social events concerning Iran.

Economic Divide A look at world economies: the power of major banks, corporations, the politicians, the stock markets, and its effect on democracy, and the distribution of wealth around the world.
Mideastream A modern talk show presenting straightforward, hot-topic discussions on politics, news, trends, and present-day conflicts in the Middle East. The host challenges mainstream media, and guests provide realistic analysis.

Eye on Islam The show looks into current affairs through the lens of Islam. It is a 25-minute show which first airs on Fridays.
Each week it looks at a story which has a direct relevance to the religion of Islam and it breaks it down from a Muslim perspective. The show is produced in London and our experienced crew are in direct touch with Muslims who are trying to safeguard their faith in the West.

The Documentary Department has been able to produce strong documentaries by establishing a network of professional filmmakers around the globe.

“Grenfell,” “Rohingya: Inside Myanmar’s Genocide,” “Syria Dispatches: An End in Sight?,”“10 Minutes,”“Buried Killers” and “Turning Point” are among the recent documentaries produced in this department.
Iran A program that explores Iran’s past, present, and future with exclusive reports.

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