Community Security Trust

Can you trust the Community Security Trust? Why are academics from the United States to Britain being chased out of their jobs for standing with the Palestinians?

From Steven Salaita to Cornel West, outspoken and high profile university lecturers shunned from their positions are bitterly complaining about the influence of the Israel lobby. One of the most notable scalps claimed in Britain, was our own resident expert Professor David Miller of the University of Bristol, who was sacked in October 2021.

But where did the bid to oust him come from? The years long smear campaign against David Miller began with a UK charity named the Community Security Trust. But what is the CST and who exactly is behind it?

While the CST claims it does not lobby for the Israeli regime, the evidence begs to differ. As the usurping entity fostered the idea of anti-Zionism as a 'new antisemitism' the CST has echoed that call consistently.

According to Anthony Lerman, the director of the Institute for Jewish Policy research, who previously worked very closely with the CST, Israel's external intelligence oversaw the regimes campaigns against antisemitism in the early 2000s.

Lerman also asserts that CST staff have been trained by Israeli intelligence. As the victims of this witch hunt struggle to repair their lives and fight for their livelihoods, the question must be asked: Why is an organisation, founded by a lobbyist for a foreign regime, with staff trained by a foreign intelligence service, being funded by the British taxpayer? And, why is it attempting to dictate who can and can't teach in British universities?

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