Nice guys

Once again, nations are trying to help other nations behave nicely. And so, those three role models of human rights, Canada, America and the Israeli regime co-sponsored a draft resolution on human rights in Iran! Yes, once again they’ve called on the world to focus on human rights issues in the great Persian nation.

Why is that? Because if everyone’s sniping at Tehran they’re not sniping at Canada, the United States and the Israeli regime! Basically, the Three Musketeers seem to be hoping if they’re pointing fingers at Iran so nobody points fingers at them! Maybe the Canadians are hoping this will also cause people to forget those inconvenient graveyards for indigenous children under Canadian schools.

As for the Americans, they clearly fear for the ordinary Iranian who isn’t allowed to buy weapons. That’s unlike America where - thanks to the National Rifle Association and a weird bit of their constitution anyone can play their part in contributing to the 80+ lethal shootings a day in the locked-and-loaded gun toting land of the free. And then there’s Israel, a regime that seems to envy Iran’s supermax prisons where, unlike Israel’s jails, prisoners dig a tunnel from the shower in their cells and escape to freedom when they need a new bar of soap or have just had enough of being in jail. Yes, every draft resolution has its own back story.

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