New resistance in Palestine

The past week has seen repeated Zionist incursions into the al-Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds. Worshippers have been refused access, locked in, assaulted, attacked and arrested.

The Jewish settlers who desecrated al-Aqsa were protected by armed Zionist police and military personnel. And these outrages are occurring during the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims traditionally flock to al-Aqsa to pray.

As we approach Quds Day, which is traditionally marked on the last Friday of Ramadan, this key fixture in the international calendar of resistance looks set only to grow in importance. The Palestinians have faced over on hundred years of Zionist settler colonialism and resisted every step of the way.

They have shown endless courage and fortitude and written their history in their blood, sweat and tears. But, they have never been alone.

From the 1936 rebellion against the British, to today, the Palestinians have always had the hearts of millions. The Zionist entity has attacked every country it is near and is believed to have carried out assassinations in at least 18 different states around the world.On a popular level the withering entity is a pariah.

The arrogance of the Zionist entity is a fragile veneer over its increasing vulnerability. UN Resolution 3246 asserts that Palestinians have the right to liberate themselves from foreign occupation through "armed struggle" and the vast majority of humanity are represented by governments that do not proscribe Palestinian resistance groups.

Today, the resistance forces are more united than ever. There are over a million Palestinians living within the 1948 Zionist entity with 65,000 of them working in the construction industry.

During the 2021 battle of Saif al-Quds they went on strike for one day causing losses to the settler economy of over $40 million dollars.The vice president of the builder’s association of the settler entity stated "We cannot build without them."

On the same day almost 1,000 Palestinian bus drivers went on strike leading to the cancelling of 300 journeys in the entity and bringing it to a humiliating stand still. At the same time resistance from Gaza had closed Ben Gurion Airport in Israeli occupied Yafa.

The situation became so desperate for the apartheid regime that it the Mayor of Lyd called for the mobilisation of the Israeli Occupation Forces in the city but it was not possible due to the over extension of their forces in Gaza and otherwise.

Settlers abandoned their homes as the municipality ‘completely lost control’. Overall, the resistance caused the currency of the entity to fall and the economy to stagger. The other side of the equation has seen for the very first time the honourable resistance in Gaza launch Russian made 9K32 Strela-2 surface-to-air Missiles at occupier fighter jets.

Helicopters and drones are especially vulnerable, how long before one is caught and tumbles down into Gaza the home of heroes?

Even the head of Israel's external intelligence service has no security. Mossad chief David Barnea had his phone hacked and private details of his taxes and wages paid directly by the Israeli regime's Prime Ministers Office published on Telegram by a group said to be close to the resistance.

In the very same month the websites of the ministry of the interior, the ministry of defence and others of the Israeli regime were hacked and taken down. It has also been reported that the Islamic Republic of Iran has sent pictures to the Israeli regime through intermediaries of the locations for all "biological, chemical and nuclear weapons storage that will be struck at the first military clash" with the entity.

The same account which reported this previously leaked the locations for all Israeli military bases across occupied Palestine. The resistance is closer to you than you think. The spider's web is more fragile than you could ever imagine.

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